Albuquerque, New Mexico
Noise Permit

Anaheim, California
Chapter 6.73 of Title 6:  Noise Restrictions

Anchorage, Alaska
Chapter 15.70 :  Noise Control

Arlington, Texas
Unified Development Code (Do search for Noise)

Atlanta, Georgia
Article IV. – Noise Control Code Sec. 74-129-142

Austin, Texas
Chapter 9-2 – Noise and Amplified Sound


Bakersfield, California
Chapter 9.22 NOISE

Baltimore, Maryland
Article 17 – Miscellaneous Provisions and Offenses – See Title 3: Noise

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Chapter 2 – Noise

Birmingham, Alabama
Sec. 11-8-21 Illegal Noises

Boise, Idaho
Chapter 7 Noise Control

Boston, Massachusetts
Municipal Code on Noise: Chapter 16, Section 26

Buffalo, New York
Ordinance Code, Chapter 293


Chandler, Arizona
11-10. – Disturbing the peace prohibited

Charlotte, North Carolina
City/County Noise Ordinances

Chesapeake, Virginia 
Article V – Noise

Chicago, Illinois
Environmental Noise Ordinance 11-4-2700

Cleveland, Ohio
E605.10 Unnecessary Noise

Cincinnati, Ohio
Chapter 909 – Community Noise

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Part 1: Noise Pollution General Ordinances – 9.8.101-109

Part 2: Noise Pollution Vehicles Ordinances – 9.8.201-204

Columbus, Ohio
City Code 2329.11 – Community Noise

Corpus Christi, Texas
Chapter 31 – Noise


Dallas, Texas
Dallas City Code – Chapter 30 Noise

Denver, Colorado
City Code: Chapter 36, Noise Control FAQ

Detroit, Michigan
City Ordinance Chapter 36 – Noise

Durham, North Carolina
Chapter 14 – Environment article II – Noise


El Paso, Texas
Noise Ordinance Chapter 9.40


Fort Wayne, Indiana
Chapter 96: Noise Control and other Sensory Control

Fort Worth, Texas
Noise Ordinance Sec. 23-8

Fresno, California
Noise Control Ordinance – 5.11


Garland,  Texas
Article V. Noise Control

Gilbert, Arizona
Sec. 42-61. Noise

Glendale Arizona
Article V. – Noise

Greensboro, North Carolina
Article IV. – Offenses of Unreasonable or Disturbing Sound


Henderson, Nevada
Chapter 8.84 – Noise Control

Houston, Texas
Chapter 30, Noise and Sound Regulation


Indianapolis, Indiana
Chapter 391: Nuisances, Article III Noise Codes

Irvine, California
Chapter 2: Noise

Irving, Texas
Noise Ordinance


Jacksonville, Florida
Ordinance Code for Noise Control, Chapter 368

Jersey City, New Jersey
Chapter 222 – Noise


Kansas City, Missouri
Code of Ordinances: Chapter 46 – Noise Control

Lubbock, Texas
See Article 14.04 Noise


Laredo, Texas
Article XI – Noise Nuisances

Las Vegas, Nevada
Code of Ordinances, Chapter 8.28 – Noise Control

Lexington, Kentucky
Sec. 14-71. – Noise disturbances

Lincoln, Nebraska
Chapter 8.24 – Noise Control Ordinance

Long Beach, California
Community Noise Ordinance (Section 8.80.010)

Los Angeles, California
Noise Element of the Los Angeles City General Plan

Louisville, Kentucky
Title IX: General Regulations Chapter 99: Noise


Madison, Wisconsin
Chapter 24 Offenses Against Peace and Quiet

Memphis, Tennessee
Noise Ordinance Chapter 9-68, Noise Control

Mesa, Arizona
Title 6 Chapter 12 Offensive, Excessive and Prohibited Noises

Miami, Florida
Code of Ordinances: Chapter 36 – Noise

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Code of Ordinances Chapter 80 Nuisances (See Subchapter 2 Noise Control)

Minneapolis, Minnesota 
Code of Ordinances, Chapter 389 – Noise


Nashville, Tennessee
Code of Ordinances, Chapter 8.28 – Noise Control

New Orleans, Louisiana
Code of Ordinances Article IV.- Noise

New York, New York
Noise Code (Local Law 113 of 2005)

Norcross, Georgia 
Chapter 26 – Nuisances, Article II – Noise Control

Norfolk, Virginia
Chapter 26 – Noise


Oakland, California 
Code of Ordinances, Chapter 8.18 – Nuisances

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Code of Ordinances, Chapter 34 – Noise

Omaha, Nebraska
Code of Ordinances, Chapter 17 – Noise Control

Orlando, Florida
Article V. – Noise Pollution Control


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Code of Ordinances: Chapter 10-400, Noise and Excessive Vibration

Phoenix, Arizona
Noise Ordinance (P-23)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
Noise Ordinance 601.04 Noise control

Noise Ordinance Article V – Noise

Portland, Oregon
City Code Title 18: Noise Control


Raleigh, North Carolina
Code of Ordinances, Chapter 5 – Noise

Reno, Nevada
Code of Ordinances, Section 18.12.1503. – Noise

Richmond, Virginia
Code of Ordinances, Article II – Sound Control

Riverside, California
Code of Ordinances, Chapter 7.35

Rochester, New York
Code of Ordinances, Chapter 75: Noise


Sacramento California
Code of Ordinances: Chapter 8.68 – Noise Control

Saint Paul, Minnesota
Chapter 293. – Noise Regulations

Salt Lake City, Utah
#21 Community Noise Pollution Control

San Diego, California
Article 9.5: Noise Abatement and Control

San Francisco, California
Police Code, Article 29: Regulation of Noise

Santa Ana, California
Article VI – Noise Control

Scottsdale, Arizona
Article II – Special Noise Violations

Spokane, Washington
Chapter 6.12 – Noise Disturbances


Tucson, Arizona 
Chapter 16 Neighborhood Preservation, Part II, Sec. 16-31: Excessive noise

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Chapter 14 Disturbing the Peace, Section 1400 – Noises


Virginia Beach 
Chapter 23 Offences: Article II – Noise


Washington, DC
Municipal Regulations of the Environment: Chapter 20-27: Noise Control